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Will you pay for them along with the packaging step into intelligent age?
Source:Packaging association | Author:BEP Packaging | Published time: 2019-06-22 | 707 Views | Share:
With the development of the economy of our country, living conditions of people are becoming better and better. The complimentary gifts are paid more attention to bracket. This lead to more furious competition between those slap-up packaging factories.

Many factories are proactive to seek for transformation. The market of upscale packaging is expanding gradually. Among all kinds of packaging, paper packaging is an mature market segment, developing very fast, widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food, tobacco and the like industry.

Intelligent packaging realizes the humanization of the packed products and the demand, objective and efficiency of intelligence.

The development of intelligent packaging involves in preservation technology, water soluble film packaging technology, QR code technology, packing and innovation technology, portable packing technique, texture anti-counterfeit technology, magnetic resonance radio frequency anti-fake recognition technology, traceable program technology of food safety, etc.

Utilizing those advanced technology, intelligent packaging almost can apply to all the products industry, including electronics, food, beverage, medicine, commodity and the like industry, providing help for products protection, service and information.

In the development of the future, the packaging industry can elevate its own competitive power only by adopting advanced technology, so as to guarantee the sustainable development of enterprises.